How do I use two-way texting?

How do I use two-way texting?

MyMedLeads two-way texting is made possible by the use of Call Tracking Numbers.  Please go to Preferences> Phone Number Management to complete these setup steps in order to enable the function behind the Text Now button.

1. Requirements

Your account must have a call tracking number for each of your practice locations. You can use an existing call tracking number as long as it’s not the one you use for text Appointment Confirmations/Reminders. So, if you uses both Two-Way Texting and MyMedLeads Text Appointment Confirmations, you will need, at minimum two phone numbers.

Phone numbers used for either 2-way texting or appointment confirmations do not count against the free 10 tracking numbers that come with your account.

2. Steps to Set Up

If you need to add more locations for the purposes of two-way texting, do that first. Go to Preferences -> Manage Staff/Location and click Add Location.  Make sure the Location Name field is what you want text recipients to see.  

To create or use a Call Tracking Number for texting: Go to Preferences -> Phone Number Management
  1. To set up a new From texting number, follow these instructions.

  2. To use an existing number
    1. Click the Edit button next to the number so that the top of the screen populates the settings for that number.

    2. One of the settings is an option to “Enable Text/SMS”. Turn this ON and select the Location that will serve as the From text number.

    3. Be sure to click the Create or Update button to save your changes.
You may now navigate to a Lead record in MML and use the “Send Text” button using the instructions in Section 3 below.

3.Sending Text/SMS Messages

Basic steps
  1. Open a lead and click Send Text.
  2. Select the From location
  3. Type your text content.
  4. Click Send Text again.

If this is the first time you’ve texted this person, you must first get the person’s Consent. MML will send out the Consent text. When the person replies with ‘Consent,’ your original message will come through and two-way texting can continue from there. When the person replies with ‘Decline,’
  1. The lead’s History tab shows whether the response was Consent or Declined.
  2. The Text History tab shows all sent and received messages. 

4. More about Consent to Text Messaging

MyMedLeads Platform has an automatic Consent Messaging System to make sure that all leads have consented to receiving Text/SMS Communications in accordance with HIPPA regulations. This is a global message which includes the Location name they text is being sent from and is not currently customizable. "<Location Name's> Office would like to communicate with you via text. Please reply with "Consent" or "Decline"."

Provider users can turn the automatic consent text off by going to Preferences => Account Preference then unchecking the HIPPA Consent box. 

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